Frosty Freeze-Proofing Fundamentals!

It freezes so seldom here in Houston, it might be nice to make a list and check it twice to make sure you’re prepared…won’t that be nice!

Protect the 4 P’s (Plants, Pipes, People, Pets) to have more peace of mind.

More on the 4 P’s below.  Plus useful videos to help protect your outdoor faucets and sprinkler system.

Stay safe and warm, and let me know if you need anything!

~ Remember Rhonda the Realtor is also Rhonda the Resource


How to Protect Your Outdoor Hose Faucet/Bib

This video shows the keys to making the best use of outdoor faucet protectors or use other materials if those faucet protectors are sold out.
Spoiler alert, these Faucet Covers are great to use with the tips mentioned in the video!

How to Avoid Costly Sprinkler System Damage

Don’t forget to protect your sprinkler system

Here are the steps to make sure your sprinkler system is all set before the wintry weather arrives.

This third video specifically focuses on wrapping your sprinkler system’s backflow preventer before the freeze.

Just like the video says, you are encouraged to support local by grabbing the necessary supplies for this project at a neighborhood hardware store.

Feel free to share these videos and tips with your family, friends and neighbors!