Setting-Up Your Utilities in Houston

Setting-Up Your Utilities in Houston


In Houston, and throughout Texas, we have a deregulated electricity industry. One company (Centerpoint Energy) owns the infrastructure.  However, there are a multitude of companies from which you can purchase your electricity. This allows you to shop for electricity in an open market for the lowest rate and/or a provider who delivers electricity from sources you prefer, like from green technologies.  Visit to get started.

Power To Choose Your Electric Service



Gas is supplied directly from Centerpoint Energy for most households in Houston.  Contact them via their website at or call 713-659-2111.

Centerpoint Energy Residential Service Set-Up


Water and Garbage Service

Water and Garbage Service is provided by the City of Houston for most Houstonians.  Smaller towns or cities (such as Bellaire, or the City of West University) provide these services through their individual localities.  For City of Houston Water Service, visit or call 713-371-1400.

City of Houston Water and Trash Services